Paper vs. Pinterest

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A recent page from my third magazine clipping inspiration Book of Attractions, showing jewelry, metal and glass with emphasis on gold.

Paper vs. Pinterest

Paper vs. Pinterest – old-fashioned scrapbooks versus the electronic age. We all love our pin boards, right? Who would want to go back to paper? For years, I’ve maintained inspiration boards on both paper and Pinterest, but my recent spring/summer cleaning in the studio has found me with a renewed interest in the old fashioned paper kind of boards, which I keep in black scrapbooks.

An older page from my second Book of Attractions, showing a collection of neutral-color themed work.

An older page from my second Book of Attractions, showing a collection of white themed work.

Magazine Clipping Inspiration

I used to go through magazines, clipping the work that appealed to me and gluing it into my “Books of Attractions.” Then Pinterest appeared, and the magazine clipping inspiration work ceased. It was so much easier to sit in front of the computer and hit “Pin” (anyone else confused by “Save?).”

A page from my first Book of Attractions, featuring a lot of glass sculpture and watery colors.

A page from my first Book of Attractions, featuring a lot of glass sculpture and watery colors.

Books of Attraction

Occasionally, I go back and look at my three Books of Attractions, and I do find it interesting and inspiring. One of my rules is that I write a few words about why I chose the photo – the why of the attraction. It’s notable that I don’t do so in Pinterest, although I certainly could. What I find is that analyzing the work this way makes it obvious that there are patterns that appear. And those insights are actually useful for guiding my own work.

Another neutral page from my first Book of Attractions.

Another neutral page from my first Book of Attractions.

In an attempt to reduce piles of paper in the studio, I went back to tearing out pages that had images and articles that I was drawn to. I ran the articles through the scanner on my printer and put the articles into Evernote so that I can find them later. (I also read a lot of profiles that were inspiring.)  I spend a few hours a week lately cutting out images and pasting them onto the black page again. It’s helping my energy, as it reminds me of ideas that I want to pursue.

A green-and-orange themed page from the second Book of Attractions

A green-themed page from the second Book of Attractions

Somehow the act of cutting and pasting, arranging and analyzing is so much more interactive and productive for me than just pinning to Pinterest! It reminds me of vision boards. Perhaps I just don’t peruse my Pinterest boards properly after the initial pins? Perhaps I need to print them out and paste them up as paper versions? I’m reminded of the power of vision boards – I haven’t made one of those in years, but I might have to revisit that as well

The first part of my many beloved Pinterest boards

The first part of my many beloved Pinterest boards

That said, I still love my Pinterest boards! You can see my collection here.



3 thoughts on “Paper vs. Pinterest

  1. Elizabeth Lyne

    About 18 months ago, I went through all of my old Ornament, American Craft, and other non-jewelry focused magazines and cut out articles & ads that appealed to me and put them in a book where each page is in a plastic sleeve. I didn’t take any notes except to write down the page and publication of origin. I spent about 24 hrs going through the magazines and then probably another 24 hrs arranging them so similar things were arranged together (or near each other). It was very inspirational and enjoyable. I bet I haven’t spent 48 hrs total on Pinterest because so much that shows up on my feed is not of interest to me at all – I don’t know what their algorithms are but I get lots of decorating and cooking dishes that I will never make (so few are vegetarian). I guess these are things my friends like but it’s all a bunch of clutter.

    I have occasionally done a screen capture of a piece that inspires me and every few months I’ll go back through my photos and print some of them in “contact sheet” format and add them to my other scrapbook.

    I really like the format of your scrap books and your focus on documenting your thoughts 🙂 <- THAT is inspirational!!

    1. vichall Post author

      Elizabeth, I have binders full of clippings from the past as well. For whatever reason, I don’t use them the same way that I do the black scrapbooks, so I’m busily converting them. Scans for electronic storage, where they become searchable, and the images that are really special go into the Books of Attraction. I agree that the feed in Pinterest has become useless. I use the boards to collect from other sites, but not so much from Pinterest unless I’m following a particular pin for similar images. Lora, I also pin the same photo into different boards, and I do go back and look at the boards fairly regularly, but the artistic aspect of pin boards is definitely less than the scrapbooks. Steal away, my friend!

  2. Lora

    I used to keep what I called Envision books. Really just like a Vision board, but it focused my intent when I thought of it as envisioning. My Pinterest boards are set up to focus on different aspects of a pin, and a single photo might be on a number of different boards. For instance an enameled brooch might be on Jewelry – enamel AND Jewelry – On The Back AND Jewelry – Clasps, Connections and Closures. That way I know what it was I attracted to. I love the black paper Book of Attractions though. I might have to steal that idea. 🙂


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