2017: A New Year, A Renewed Blog

Welcome back, dear blog!

I originally started writing this blog as a creative journal for myself, to document what I was working on – and more importantly – why. Then a few years back, when social media took over the discussion bandwidth, I personally found myself unable to keep up with the blog properly. I devolved into sporadic posts here and there. It was easier to just post a photo to Facebook with a single line description than to craft an introspective and insightful blog post about my creative journey. However, it’s less satisfying as well. And since this is all by me, for me (although thrown out there to the few who might care to follow along), I’ve decided to try a big change. I want to go back to the more creative me, and short-attention-span social media isn’t really helping.

bird owl ceramics sgraffito

Persistence – handbuilt stoneware with underglaze and sgraffito, ready for second firing (Vickie Hallmark)


Goodbye Facebook!

I’ve flown the coop. I suspended my Facebook and Twitter accounts (I still have my Instagram account active), at least for now. Actually, it has been several weeks, and I’m feeling like it’s a very good thing. More time in the studio is really what I need to focus on – more sketching, more playing, more learning new skills. I’m reassessing this new year. Where do I want to go with my art? How do I go deeper and more intimately into connection with the muse? How do I achieve flow, rather than floating from distraction to distraction? How do I select my path through the myriad options to make art that truly speaks to me and to others?

I’m making time for my new agenda:

  1. Daily meditation (I like Headspace)
  2. Daily morning pages (kept from my foray through Julia Cameron’s “The Artist’s Way” years ago)
  3. End of day listing of accomplishments (back from the past, as well)
  4. Regular metal studio time, even if I only sweep and putter
  5. Weekly artist dates
  6. Weekly play time in a different medium (ceramics)
  7. Weekly sketching time
  8. Weekly study project (more about that to come)
  9. Weekly blog post
  10. Monthly newsletter (sign up here)

Please join my conversation with myself by leaving me a comment!


3 thoughts on “2017: A New Year, A Renewed Blog

  1. Christy

    That’s an absolutely gorgeous piece. And I’m so glad you’re back on the blog 🙂

    I have my blog entries post automatically to Facebook, but lately I’ve been thinking it’s more of a time suck than a benefit. And I’m SO sick of politics and angry, discontented people – no matter what side they’re on.

    If there was a way to narrow it down to just art, jewelry, and cute animals it might be worth it. 😉 I’ll have to look into that.

    Good luck with your new agenda, and I hope you post how it goes.

  2. Sarah Raines

    I just became acquainted with your work via a Google search. I love your art and am looking forward to following your creative journeys on your blog. Happy 2017!

  3. Helga van Leipsig

    Hello Vickie,
    Great to see you start blogging again. I am looking forward seeing your posts again. It was now a bit of a co-incident that I came here. I’ve restarted myself also just added your blogs to my list. Indeed the FB-time-suck is not fullfilling, let’s go back to more meaningful connections 🙂


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