Creative Flow

How do the studio hours vanish? Getting into creative flow in the studio while making art is tops on my list of things to do, yet days go by where little of it seems to occur. If I’m not careful, my days vanish into body time (pilates and yoga, Redcord and PT) and head time (meditations, guided and written) and home time (spring cleaning and paleo cooking).

The point of all those good-for-me things is to make room for more creative flow, which makes me ecstatically happy. Yet hours in the studio can lack that sense of time loss and joyful floating where everything just works effortlessly and the results are gorgeous.

Mismatched Earrings

I did complete the mismatched earrings that I started right before Christmas, although there were struggles. I maintained calm and soldiered on, even when a bezel popped loose while setting a stone.

Mismatched earrings with rose cut sapphires.

Garnet Earrings

I also put together some January birthstone earrings, using some of the wren components. Who knew that Wren is a trending baby name??? Maybe those January Wren babies need garnet earrings for their mamas. And red stones work for Valentine’s Day as well.

Garnet Wren earrings with cab drops

Yes, there were hiccups. There were granules on the drops, and one popped off while setting stones. So I sawed them all off. Take that!

Garnet Wren earrings with tube set stones

Creativity Meditation

I made it through the first three weeks of Headspace (my meditation app) and started the creativity pack that’s only unlocked after the intro is complete. Part of the creativity meditation is to state an intention, which for me was to achieve flow in the studio more easily.

The very first session had me floating on air. I went out to the studio, slipped into flow and worked for several hours blissfully on a rose cut sapphire pendant…

Only to crash back to earth when I walked inside to find my husband asking me why I wasn’t where I was supposed to be (one of those body things – that I had to pay for, despite creative flow making me miss).

I guess I have to get clearer about my intentions. I need to be a river and creatively flow around obstacles.


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