Tucson Gem Show Classes

As the end of 2017 quickly approaches, I’m starting to plan for 2018 and increased teaching opportunities. One of the most exciting options is at the Tucson Gem Show. I’ve only attended the show once before (and left early when I caught swine flu that year). On February 1 or 2, I’ll be offering two single-day workshops at JOGS. Both are introductions to metal clay with Argentium.

JOGS 2017 Jewelry Class Vickie Hallmark Argentium and Metal Clay

Wedge Earrings: Fusing PMC3 And Argentium Sheet

In both classes, we’ll make a pair of earrings or pendant (your choice). The first class uses sheet, while the second uses wire for the Argentium compoonents.

JOGS 2017 Jewelry Class Vickie Hallmark Argentium and Metal Clay

Floral Earrings: Fusing PMC3 And Argentium Silver Wire

In the morning of each class, we’ll cover the basics of working with fine silver metal clay (PMC3) and build a few small components. Those will be kiln fired over lunch. In the afternoon, we’ll introduce the novel properties of Argentium silver and learn to fuse Argentium to both itself and the metal clay.

If you’ve avoided soldering or fusing in the past, you’ll love Argentium fusing! There’s no firescale to clean, and the fusing temperature range is very broad compared to fine silver, making melting and unsightly joints much less likely.

I’d love to have you join me in Tucson for a playdate tucked in amongst your gem shopping.

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